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based on a biography of the late President written by Eby J. Jose

(Documentary film on the life of Dr. K R Narayanan)

Documentary Film

Arare and unique lifestory ....yes indeed, a story of survival that the history witnessed after
Dr. B.R.Ambedkar.......it is the lifesketch of Dr.K.R.Narayanan, a spectaculous personality who reached till the heights of Rashtrapathi Bhavan. Born in a downtrodden caste and brought up in the furnace of poverty , he is the first dalit and only malayali who could decorate the Presidentship of India. His academic excellence, determination, foresightness and hardworking nature raised him from an ordinary man, to the heights, that a dalit could not even dream till then. A journalist, diplomat, administrator, scholar, parliamentarian ........really he was versatile. Narayanan is regarded as an independent and assertive President who set several precedents and enlarged the scope of the highest constitutional office. He described himself as a "working President" who worked "within the four corners of the Constitution"; something midway between an "executive President" who has direct power and a "rubber-stamp President" who endorses government decisions without question or deliberation.

He used his discretionary powers as a President and deviated from convention and precedent in many situations, including - but not limited to — the appointment of the Prime Minister in a hung Parliament, in dismissing a state government and imposing President's rule there at the suggestion of the Union Cabinet, and during the Kargil conflict. He presided over the golden jubilee celebrations of Indian Independence and in the country's general election of 1998 became the first Indian President to vote when in office, setting another new precedent. K R Narayanan Foundation (KRNF), based at Kottayam in Kerala, founded in December, 2005, is producing a documentary film (both in Malayalam and English)on the life of K R Narayanan, titled "THE FOOTPRINTS OF SURVIVAL" , aimed at propagating the ideals and perpetuating the memory of K.R.Narayanan. This documentary film will be directed by Mr.Sunny Joseph, a senior journalist. The script would be based on a biography of the late President written by Eby J. Jose, who is also General Secretary of the K R Narayanan Foundation. Other office bearers are Justice Dr. K. Narayana Kurup (Advisor), Uzhavoor Vijayan & V.P.Sajeendran (co-ordinators), and Ajiraja Kumar (Production Controller). The Foundation has planned to distribute the DVD copies of the creative work to all schools, colleges and public libraries in the state. K R Narayanan Foundation is requesting help and co-operation from all for the grand success of this venture.

based on a biography of the late President written by Eby J. Jose

(Documentary film on the life of Dr. K R Narayanan)

"I see and understand both the symbolic as well as
the substantive elements of my life. Sometimes I
visualise it as a journey of an individual from a
remote village on the sidelines of society to the hub of
social standing. But at the same time I also realise
that my life encapsulates the ability of the democratic
system to accommodate and empower marginalised
sections of society" - K.R. Narayanan

Direction : Sunny Joseph
Producer : K.R. Narayanan Foundation
Advisor: Dr. Justice K. Narayana Kurup
Co-Ordinators : Uzhavoor Vijayan, V.P.Sajeendran
Script : Eby J. Jose
Creative Consultant : Sajeev Pazhoor
Camera : Pramod Kurup, Sreekumar Jagathi
Editing : Gireesh
Art : Sony Kalagram
Siills : Samji Pazheparampil
Production Controller : R. Ajiraja Kumar
Cyber Wing : Jeevan K. Augustin
Design : Weaver's Nest
P.R.O. : Rajesh Kavilparambil

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